Recipes Made By Our Products

RVM Spice products are used to prepare wide range of dishes of various cultures. Whether it is Indian or international cuisine, our products suit well for all. We make the best spices in the industry to make sure that our customers eat the best. Our products are used all over the world to cook different styles of food and people who live out of our country want our products to be added in their food as our spices make them feel at home. Some of our recipes are listed below.

Recipes for delicious dishes prepared using RVM Turmeric Powder

Indian Moong Daal

It is a basic dish prepared in any home of India. It is made with all the legumes and lentils flavored and colored with RVM Turmeric Powder. The Turmeric Powder gives the golden yellow color to the dish which makes it more attractive and mouth watering. The dish is been prepared in most Indian homes with our turmeric powder adding more human touch to the recipe.

Quick Chicken Tikka Masala

This dish is a very famous Indian recipe prepared in US and UK. People living in US and UK prefers this recipe as their favorite Indian dish. Restaurants in US and UK and the Indians living in those countries regularly order RVM turmeric powder for making Indian dishes in their restaurants and home. This is because they believe that adding RVM Turmeric Powder to their Chicken Tikka Masala will add more taste to the dish which makes their customers feel & taste Indian traditional food practices and culinary skills.

Recipes Made Using RVM Red Chili Powder

Pearl Pulav Gravy

The pearl pulav gravy is an Indian dish made as a subsidiary for pulav and also made as a main course dish. RVM Red Chili Powder gives this dish a smell that makes it a unique dish. The mouth watering taste of this dish comes by adding RVM Red Chili Powder. Our powder gives natural color and strong taste to the pulav.

Indian Chicken Masala

Indian chicken masala is an often cooked dish in India. RVM Red Chili Powder has become an unavoidable part for Indian chicken masala preparation. It makes the dish more flavorsome and tasty with its original flavor and color.